Friday, July 30, 2010

Lunch on the road

As a pretty die-hard Paleo foodie it's sometime difficult to get stuff while on the road. Panera bread may be an exception. I know, bread!? And don't they make sandwiches? Yes they do, and yes they do specialize in bread and pastries, but hey also make salads. They also have a very nice feature online called the Nutrition Calculator that allows you to figure out what proportion of fat, carbs, and protein you are getting. It's pretty cool because you can add or delete items to vary the percentages. 

Today I had the Fuji Apple salad, sans the Gorgonzola and Dressing on the side. I asked for extra chicken, but as luck would have it, they messed that up. So I paid for it, but just didn't get it. It's what I get for getting take-out/take-away without checking the package! It's a very nice salad. I get mine with an apple as a side (options are potato chips, bread, or an apple), which is really the only Paleo side. It's certainly better than fast food and if you don't have any Paleo Kits, CFG PoW-R Packs, or other Packable Paleos that are transportable self-contained forms of nutrition, it makes the cut. 


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