Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fish tacos with mango-tomato salsa & mexican slaw

Ok, my first try at this...but smiles all around! It was quite nice, and I made so much that I'm contemplating having some fish taco for breakfast...

First thing to make is the Paleo tortilla. Pretty easy, but takes a little touch to get it right. Mine ended up being a bit crusty because i made it way before dinner. I should've made a new one, but i was busy. Mix 1 cup almond meal/flour, flax seeds, and a few walnuts with 1 egg, about a tsp olive oil and some salt. Blend, or mix well into a batter. Spread thinly on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 F for 15 minutes. This is where it gets tricky, I think a few minutes less and it would have been more flexible. Broken up into small pieces it would've also made a great bunch of chips for dipping in guacamole or salsa.

Second make the mexican slaw. I personally think that slaws are always better after at least an hour in the refrigerator. So here goes, chop some cabbage and shred some carrots. Mix in 1-2 tablespoons of Paleo mayo or dijon mustard. Juice from 1-2 whole limes, depending on your taste. Ground black pepper, just a touch of olive oil (it was all i had, but you could use any oil, actually), a sprinkle of flaxseeds, chopped cilantro, and chili seasoning (or crushed red pepper). My guest and i really Ike spicy foods so I also added 1/2 finely chopped jalapeƱo pepper. Once mixed well, refrigerate until you are ready to use and be sure to stir again before serving.

Third, mango-tomato salsa. Mix together, finely chopped red onion (1/2 cup, or so), chopped tomato (depending on number of servings use 1-2 large tomatoes), 1 diced ripe mango (again adjust for number of servings), chopped cilantro, ground pepper, and a touch of olive oil. Oh, and add about 1-3 tsp of juice from a lemon.

Fourth, the fish! Use a relatively bland whitish fish. For example, tilapia would work wonderfully, i used wild caught cod, 2 pounds. It was definitely enough. Marinate the fish in non-dairy butter, olive oil, ground pepper, lime juice, and chili seasoning. Then in a glass casserole dish, heat some coconut oil, or other non-dairy butter and 4 chopped garlic cloves. Place fish on top and broil for 12-18 minutes. Our fish took 18 minutes, but like i said we had a lot. You will know it's done because the fish will break apart into pieces very easily when push with a metal spatula.

To serve, dish the fish over the tortilla, spoon some salsa on top, a d dish the slaw on the side. Serve with a Paleo margarita (tequila, squeeze of lime juice, and a splash of agave nectar) and you have one heckuva a meal!


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