Friday, July 23, 2010

Low Carb Paleo Waffles

So, I really like my Paleo waffles in the morning. Alongside a few eggs and some vege or other breakfast meat, forget about it - it's pure heaven to start the day. However, if you do not engage in a post-breakfast workout you may want to consider limiting the number of carbs you take in during breakfast. Well if you like the traditional Paleo waffles, then you know that they include banana and that is a relatively high-glycemic carb. So how to get rid of that carb so that you can better utilize it later, when you are about to work out. (There are reasons to concentrate your carbs, especially high-glycemic or dense carbs around your workout. If you eat a steady flow of carbs all day long, you run the risk of maintaining a higher than optimal insulin level. Insulin as we all know has the job of storing fat. It's also been pitted as one of the prime evils in the development of many diseases of civilization. Best to limit insulin spikes to times when you are going to actively burn that glucose off and reduce the effectiveness of insulin to store it as fat. So some carbs before (30-60 min) and after (up to 30-60 min) a hard workout is the best time to load up on carbs.) I digress, so if you are looking to enjoy the waffle, but reduce the insulin spike/carb load try this: forget about the banana. Instead mix 2 whole eggs, 1 moderately whisked (not to stiffness, just well whisked) egg white, about 1/4 cup almond flour and some coarsely chopped walnuts. I also throw in a few flax seeds, for good measure ;-) Mix well, it may be runnier than the version with the banana for obvious reasons. Then add to a greased hot waffle iron. Voila. Low carb high protein, moderate fat waffle to start your day. Now you could still top with honey and be lower than normal on carbs, or you could make this waffle savory and top with something else that's not sweet, for example a Paleo friendly butter or bacon strips. An even better alternative might be to top with some low carb/glycemic fruits such as berries, pears, apples, etc.


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