Monday, July 26, 2010

600th follower celebration recipe: Pecan crusted shrimp salad and homemade crab cakes

OK, we needed to celebrate our 600th follower of the Facebook page and a few suggestions from other followers led me to thinking about seafood. So here goes: shrimp and crab cakes. They can be put together in the shape of a 600, and they taste really nice as well!

Here's how to make it. Marinate the shrimp in a mixture of a little coconut milk, jerk seasoning, and finely crushed pecans (add some seasoning as you like as well, think black pepper, garlic, etc). When you are ready to cook pan fry in some coconut oil for a few minutes on each side. Place shrimp atop a nice mixed green salad with a few chopped walnuts and flaxseed. I also made a blueberry-mango salsa dressing. Really easy to make, combine chopped ripe mango with some fresh blueberries. Add a squeeze of one quarter of a fresh ripe lime and a teaspoon or two of olive oil. Sprinkle some allspice and cumin and mix well. This really was nice when mixed with the shrimp and salad and a walnut. (PS: I used wild caught shrimp, but it's not that important).

To make the crab cakes, take some fresh crab meat, either backfin or claw meat, I used claw meat because it was on sale. Mix with 1 egg, almond flour (I grind mine at home with fresh raw almonds), garlic, seasoning (seafood seasoning), fresh ground pepper, and onion. Pan fry until golden brown, and a touch crispy on each side. Top with homemade spicy aioli by blending 1 egg with copious amounts of olive oil ( the base ) & old bay, Chesapeake bay seasoning until desired stiffness. This make a great mayonnaise for a crabcake sandwich if you have any leftover cakes, that is.

It's a nice 600th follower celebration that is high protein, high in good fats, especially if you top your salad with a good wholesome dressing like an olive oil mixed with spices, and low in carbs. Its pretty darn ketogenic, as well. Serve with a nice crisp white wine or a milder red wine, unless you are pregnant in which case have a non-alcoholic brew? ;-)


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  1. This meal was totally awesome! I enjoyed every last bite and can't wait to have my leftover crab cake for lunch tomorrow. Everyone must try this one. I know that it may be a wee bit labor intensive, but it was excellent.

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