Monday, August 16, 2010

Road Trip Breakfast

We had to drive to Florida a few weeks ago for our baby shower and we wanted to get a quick jump on the road so that we 1) avoided traffic and 2) got there early enough for a nap! That doesn't leave much time to cook eggs, make Paleo pancakes, etc. So, we had to improvise. We hard-boiled a few eggs the day before and I had them with a slice of fresh pineapple, steamed (microwaved) Brussel sprouts sprinkled with flaxseed and a bowl of Mastadon Munch in a coconut milk - protein powder mixture. It hit the spot and kept me full for a good 5-6 hours until lunch!

Sometimes you have to get a little creative, but it's possible to "do" Paleo and still live a normal life!



  1. OH, THE munch, it's a Paleo nut cereal I make from scratch...
    I make a lot, but my wife and I polish it off pretty quick!
    wanna recipe?

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