Saturday, August 7, 2010

Packable Paleos (tm)

Ketos, or Paleo PoW-R (post workout recovery) Packs, are what my partner Ryan and I are calling our vacuum sealed packaged jerky bags. They are almost 100% ketogenic in nature including only homemade beef jerky (free range beef, with more flavors in the making) and a few nuts. In some of them I added some dried fruit (some is not homemade, but that's about to change this week too now that i bought a dehydrator). These are the poor mans, less tasty version of Steve's Originals PaleoKits ( ) there's no comparison to Steve's, seriously!

Our PoW-R Packs are High protein, high glycemic post workout recovery meal.

Newer versions contain homemade spicy jerky, dried fruits, fresh cooked vegetable (sweet potato and/or acorn squash). Some versions contain nuts, which aren't particularly great post-workout, but they sure are tasty.

Thanks loads to Ryan's Grandmother for donation of the vacuum sealer, THANKS MAW!!!

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