Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lunch: MahiMahi Salad with Raisin Vinaigrette

Pan cook a fillet of mahi mahi - I season mine with a grapeseed oil rub then sprinkled with old bay style seasoning and ground pepper, sometimes a squeeze of lemon. Takes about 4 minutes per side at medium heat. Toss that fillet atop a bed of mixed greens that includes a few chopped walnuts and a sprinkling of ground flaxseeds. For the vinaigrette simply mix together grapeseed oil, ground fish seasoning, ground pepper, and a pinch of cayenne. Then add raisins, with a few chopped. Best if chilled over night, but good on the fly too. Also, if you mix the vinaigrette with a teaspoon or two of coconut milk it makes a creamy dressing, which is very nice on fish, I, however, spilled all of the last can of my coconut milk on the kitchen floor yesterday, so i went without.


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