Sunday, October 17, 2010

Salad Tilapia with Bacon Oregano Dressing

OK nothing too special about tossing a piece of fresh tilapia over some salad greens with a few almonds, but that's not the key item here: it's the dressing. It's a Bacon-Oregano 'creamy' dressing. It's very easy to make. Simply combine olive oil and coconut milk (if you "do" dairy then you could add heavy cream, hopefully from grassfed cows). Then add some fresh ground pepper, a dash of salt, a sprinkle or two of Old Bay seasoning, chopped warm bacon and chopped fresh oregano. Oregano is very easy to grow in an herb garden and is loaded with anti-oxidants! If you like your dressings spicy add some cayenne.



  1. How much olive oil and coconut milk ratio.

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