Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A great Paleo eatin' gift

So, my wife's aunt and uncle, and cousin and her husband, bought us a great gift to celebrate the birth of our son, Spencer James. The company is called Instead of Flowers and they deliver gourmet meals, to your doorstep! They were also very VERY friendly on the telephone when ordering. They allowed us to substitute extra vegetable for a rice dish. Sure, they did pack the dessert and the dinner rolls, but we just didn't eat those (in fact, we didn't even know they were coming, else we probably would have asked for a piece of fruit or extra salad.

The meal we ordered was the "Meal of the Week". It consisted of 2 lamb chops (per person) in a fig demiglaze. As our side we got a seriously generous helping (leftovers for my breakfast scramble) of brocollini that was cooked perfectly. . They also brought a spinach salad with a side of warm bacon dressing. Everything was packages in a wonderful insulate bag (which you get to keep). You then simply put the meal in the oven for a few minutes (15 minutes in this case) and microwave the vege and salad dressing. The meal was absolutely awesome. Not only was it easy, taking a great burden off of us while we are changing diapers and what not, but it was truly gourmet tasting. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for an interesting gift, but especially my Paleo friends.


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