Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paleo Ice Cream with Almond Butter Blast

Hot sunny humid days call for a special kind of mid-morning snack: Ice Cream! Ha! Seriously, however I did just down a anise frozen smoothie that emulates the tastes of an ice cream sunday nicely. It couldn't be simpler to make either.

Here's how to do it.

Add 3-5 pieces of ice to your food processor, blender, or like me your Magic Bullet. Add a scoop of whey protein powder (I use vanilla, but you could use any flavor you like), about 1/2 cup of vanilla flavored coconut milk, and add a few almonds for extra sweetness and fat. Blend until smooth.  Tip: if your smoothie is not very smooth, add more mil. If it's too runny then add more ice. It will taste best if it's very smooth and all of the ice is properly blended.  Top that with a a little Homemade Almond Butter Blast Clusters and you've got yourself a wonderful mid-morning snack on a hot humid Georgia day. It's like you just chased down the ice cream truck... LOL

This is a rather large mid-morning snack, but I woke up so early this morning - causing me to have a very early breakfast - so I was hungry. If you are zoning it rounds things out pretty nicely: ~ 3 blocks of protein, 3-6 blocks of fat (depending on how many almonds you added and how much coconut milk you add), and about 2 blocks of carbs (carbs from from the flavored coconut milk and the honey in the Clusters. You could also top with dark chocolate chunks or shavings, you could add some artificial or fresh mint flavoring, the sky really is the limit with flavoring this base for a nice cool treat. 



  1. I feel like Pavlov's dog here :-)

  2. What vanilla whey do you use? Also, is this the vanilla flavored coconut milk:

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