Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pomegranate Barbecue Pork Chops w/ Grilled Veggies and a Pear and Raw Goat Cheese Salad to start

Starter: Pear and Raw Goat Cheese Salad w/ Lime Pecan Vinaigrette

Salad is easy: just toss some sliced red pear and some chunks of your favorite raw goat's milk cheese on a bed of greens. For the dressing soak finely chopped pecans in a mixture of olive oil and and a dash of coconut milk. Add about 2 teaspoons (+/-) of lime zest and the juice of one half of a fresh lime. Then add some of your favorite herbs and spices for flavoring: think aromatic like basil, cumin, and/or oregano. And don't forget to taste and experiment...

Main dish: Pomegranate barbecue pork chops with grilled veggies.

Marinate the pork chops in a mixture of coconut milk (1-2 Tbs) ,  dry mustard(1/2-1 tsp), dijon mustard (a few spoonfuls), Worcestshire sauce (a couple of good splashes from the bottle), fresh ground pepper, herbs of your choosing (but think cumin and good aromatic spices like that, again experiment, that's what I did), and pomegranate seeds from 1/4 pomegranate. Grill on medium heat 4-5 minutes per side (depending on thickness of the chops (middle should be in the 140-160 degrees area depending on how you like your pork). Make sure to add some additional seeds once you flip the chops so that the juices leak out and caramelize on the chops. Serve topped with seeds from the other 1/4 pomegranate (save the other half for a snack at lunch tomorrow!) For the veggies just cut up stuff you like, add sea salt, fresh ground pepper and some cayenne spicyness and toss in a grill tray. Cook for about 15 minutes stirring at 3-5 minute intervals. Try not to overcook the veggies: they should be firm to a fork, not mushy!


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